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Beitrag 4. Sep 2016, 19:46
NitroUK Benutzeravatar

Hello everyone,

My names Glenn and im a 45 year old disabled gamer from Dorset on the south coast of England. I have recently found Farming SIm 2015 and absolutely love it. im blown away by the fantastic mods that are made for it...

Im thinking of starting a game that will concentrate on grass cutting / silage as well as tree cutting / wood chipping but i prefer older machines.

Could anyone reccomened a good map for grass cutting / tree cutting as well as any old vehicles i really should have in my game??

Thank you and Best Wishes .... Glenn - NitroUK

Beitrag 4. Sep 2016, 20:28
Vater_und_Sohn Benutzeravatar
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Hello NitroUK,
first let me welcome you to this forum.
So we are becoming some more international. :)

As a recommendation for a new game with grass and wood: please try the Allgäuer Moor. It has some smaller fields an meadows and some forest as well. I hope you enjoy.

Vater (von Vater_und_Sohn)
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