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Mod by:
First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil


www.youtube.com Video From : www.youtube.com

(Important, Make sure you OPEN the zip file and take out the zip files for each machine and put them in your mods folder,
dropping this 1 downloaded zip into your mods folder will not work you need to take all 3 out)

Also make sure you read the guides included inside this zipfile for setting your controls.

Included in this pack is Version 3.0 of the Buncher, Butt N Top and Skidder also included is My revamped version of the Scropion
King Processor and the new T220L Grapple Loader (work in progress)!

V3.0 Updates

Feller Buncher

- Head now roates left and right
- Added claws that open and close for grabing trees
- you can now cut 2 trees and once (see video)
- Improved look of head (new color + models)
- Added computer display in cab for tree cutting

Butt N Top

- Adjusted Head grip and speed
- Improved Grapple Collisions
- Fixed some collision wall overlap in stabilizers
- small engine adjustments
- Other minor model fixes


- Blade on front is now fully functional
- Fixed lights on front not showing up when on
- Improved Grapple look and grip
- Improved Body look in center
- Decreased Rear Collison walls
- Decreased light range on backup lights
- Minor Control and Model Fixes


- New Sound Effects
- Ability to turn rotate head downward
- Better delimbing
- Better Cut Zones
- Improved Weight and Stability

I Cannot guarntee that this mod will work with certain other mods, youll have to test that on your own.
I had reports of some people getting crashes and others working just fine the problem seems to be with certain mods
used in conjunction with mine, you need to sort through your mods folder and figure out which one is causing it to crash.

Forbidden Mods

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