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Mod by:
Scania R560 Model by Repi and Scania Power LS11
Interior Scania by Dimanix LS13
Kelsa Parts by Repi LS11
Schwarzmuller Alu KippMulde LS11 by Aramis

Skin R560 Top Line by L'Affreux Moddeur LS17
Other Skin by unkown author LS11

AddCategorie by Ifko
NewExaust by Modelleicher
Passenger by rafftnix

Sounds by Repi LS11
Sounds by Giants LS17

I3D/Script/Textures/Ingame/Function/Animation by L'Affreux Moddeur


Hello, I present this Pack Including Truck and Trailer with a Good Numbers of animation and function Including the Scania R560 Pull from LS11 and completely reintegrated for LS17 with its trailer Schwarzmuller also derived from LS11. This Truck is reworked by a template created by Repi which makes it completely Skinnable, a folder Skin has been left in this model which will allow you to turn yours to create yours. The truck includes 2 types of wheels, Original and Custom with the possibility of adding or removing 4 kinds of Headlamp Ramps, A function is presenton with the possibility of adding air conditioning or a simple fan, 3 Lights position On the trucks as well as the trailer including a unique interior light, 5 camera are installed on the trucks as well as 3 on the trailer allowing you to have another vision of the games and these mods. The Tires are pressurized and are accompanied by a dynamic suspension, a single Semi Trailer Hitch is present for its Schwarzmuller, Passenger add and functional Solo by the C Key, The ForceSelection Enter is present which no longer allows to pass through Tab for A simulation is a then now to think about to arrange your material hehe, For the trailer it accepts all type of grain and is compatible in colision for the transport of various Object, 1 position of lights and the function to empty Is done by Verins, so think of knowing at what height it climbs to avoid possible Incident, Front axles and Axles rear deportable for a better comfort in Maneuver, Road holding Trucks and Trailer reliable, Truck speed Max 130 without trailer And truck + trailer 90 Max, The weight is no longer the same it was doubled for both model, Here is a can ready made the turn and I wish you of Good Party with this Set. The Ugly Modder.

Desc Scania R560:
Configuration Wheel
Configuration Motor
Configuration Headlight Ramp
Dynamic Wheel and Susp
Max Speed ​​130
Light Interior Exterior
5 Camera
Exaust Particule with Smoke
Indor decoration
1 Attach
Turned On Animation Air conditioner
No Tablable
No Washable
Mass: 25
Price: 265000
Category: L'Affreux Moddeur

Desc Schwarzmuller;
Configuration Wheel
3 Cameras
Capacity: 76000
All Fruit
Dynamic Wheel Deport
Light Chassis and Tipper
Animation MoveSupport
Animation ToggleCover
No Wasable
Mass: 15
Price: 198000
Category: L'Affreux Moddeur


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