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Mod by:
Texture: Giants
Script: Giants, Stevie, Mike
Idea / Concept: MOL MODDING
Testing: MOL MODDING - FS Community
Other: So many parts of this map are not my own I could never thank individuals, I f you see hwta you made here please let me know so I can honor you specifically but first I want to thank Steve Hobgoblin for first letting me work on his great map Hobbs Farm and I ewant to thank all modders, even the skinners for the inspiration. Thank Ginats for a fantastic game


Not so long ago you saved an accident site a womans life and they just leave their entire fortune:

In the north there are still untouched areas, in which large fields lead up to mountains, the cold and beautiful banks line.
You own the entire valley but Huhe tax must be paid to the county so that you can operate the full nearly 1,000 acres of farm.

Enormous fields deserve exporting crops and large paddocks earning large herds allows you to survive harsh winters and build a largescale export farming business.

Ways to markets are few and far away so you need to get innovative with the transport to get your products to shipping and the export market but you have your own siding and shipping silos both on the farm and on the local Port.

This card is for those who want a diving experience where you and the elements are within an enormous environment and a realitic long transport route. Course play is the way to go when you form a long-term multiplayer session

Im sharing this in beta now so the community can help me shape things for the future of the hereditary card. I have deliberately left out many available manufacturing mods becasue most are available as placeable items, and I want you to fill the card with your own stuff.

I publish this for Easter becasue there are so few cards are still I decided for such a card, which is why I made it myself,

Train works and is a massive part of the work of this card.

There is only one router in the city, and it takes many minutes to get there

Large Silagesilo

Massive stitches for realistically large stove sizes

3 homes - 1 large family property

Large Dairy

Forbidden Mods

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